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    We're much more than a just another design studio
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    Concept to production
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    Fusing Western design philosophy with Global manufacturing
    Squiggle Farm

About Us


Squiggle Farm has been deliberately designed and established as a fast acting, versatile design agency. We believe that in a globalised economy, we can offer a better service by directly liaising between our clients and the manufacturer.

We are a U.K. based product design consultancy, with a studio based in Hong Kong. Spending time between the UK and Aisa gives us quick and easy access to the majority of eastern manufacturing, enabling us to spend valuable time at the product's source.

Squiggle Farm was established in 2014, by Ben White our lead designer.

Our design team have over 15 years experience in product design and development across various market sectors.

We understand that the lines are blurring between Industrial / Product design and product launch. With production becoming more global we realised that it is more important to spend valuable time with our clients and increased time at the factories. This resulted in us becoming more flexible and mobile.

We offer bespoke product design solutions depending on your needs.
We design stuff!

We are first and foremost Product Designers, we take pride in taking your ideas and turning them into reality.

What do we design?

Our core design work is consumer based, but as you can see in our portfolio we have experience in an eclectic range of product ranging from Curtain Poles to LED lighting and Air sterilsers to Outdoor Sports equipment.

Ben White

Ben White

Design Director

We’re not your average Nine to Five kind of place. We fully understand that in the ever-shrinking globalised world we need to adapt. Instead of focusing on what time you arrive / leave work, we strive on delivering the best possible service, delivering you the product you want, when you want it. Whether its spending time in the factory, working early to get you the visuals for a 9am GMT meeting, midnight conference calls for the board at 10am CST, we’re committed and flexible.

Sure, it’s not all work. We actively encourage our staff to take off for a random afternoon SUP around the bay outside the office. But rest assured they’ll be there whenever you need them.

Nine to Five – How is that still a thing?

See some of our work

See Our Portflio

What We Do


Before we put pen to paper or space mouse to CAD, we will ask a load of questions prior to completing further research into your target markets, product life-cycles, usage requirements and specialist details such as Patents and Intellectual Property.

This way we ensure that every project we work on fulfils all of your exact requirements.

From our experience the best results are achieved from a comprehensive understanding of your product requirements.
brain storm, analyse, conceive, conceptualise, conjure up, create, deliberate, dream up, invent, plan, ponder, put heads together, rack brains, share ideas, think

However you've thought of you idea, we can help you to make it a reality.

Our usual process starts with sketching out ideas, noting mechanical constraints and styling cues to fully explore the extents of the design. Then straight away we switch over to 3D modelling in the latest version of Solidworks or Modo. This way we know every concept we produce is fully manufacturable and hits all of your requirements.


Starting at a very early stage in the design process we take into account product usability and product styling. At this stage we deliver several concepts fully exploring the potential for your ideas.

Taking time to think about material choice, colour and finish we pride ourselves on delivering great looking product which looks very similar to our initial concepts.


A continuous process. From initial conception we’ll ensure the designs we deliver are manufacturable, and assembly friendly, even liaising with the factories to discuss ideas. We run through several virtual testing process’s in CAD to make sure each part is optimised and test 3D printed parts for fit function and ease of assembly.

design is a constant - We apply design from initial idea all the way through to product launch and beyond
3D printing is an exploding market with many different techniques elbowing to get supremacy

We only use the best rapid prototyping vendors, so we can guarantee the use of the latest technology model printing technique and material aimed specifically at each project's needs, at the best price. This means we can offer everything from a proof of concept prototype to full aesthetic marketing model.

However there is so much more that 3D printing can offer, we can also help with rapid tooling techniques, 3D Scanning, even offering small batch production runs of components. We can usually organise the prototypes for free - you only pay the rapid prototype agency fee’s.


We understand that not everything was designed in 3D CAD and that sometimes shaping things by hand to get a product just right is really important. This sometimes causes a bit of a headache integrating parts into a seamless product.

This is why we offer reverse engineering from physical product to 3D CAD. We can either use one of our preferred suppliers using cutting edge technology to 3D scan your product or go ‘old skool’ and recreate your product using more traditional techniques.

We understand that for a product to be successful it also has to be commercial.

Built into our design process from a very early stage we work within your budgets. Using several techniques we analyse our designs to optimise material selection and usage.


We have an in-depth knowledge of many tooling techniques, meaning we design parts to the right criteria from the beginning of the design process. We liaise with key suppliers and tool makers every step of the way ensuring that the parts come out to the correct specification.

We aim to make product manufacturable with the simplest tooling, keeping set up and unit costs low and giving the best quality parts.

Although we start to think about manufacturability from the very first concept we constantly evaluate designs to improve on manufacturing times and process.

Being based in the heart of the Yangtze manufacturing district allows us to keep a close eye on product manufacture.

We can also save you time by evaluating samples in our China office, giving direct feedback via video link.


Through every stage of the product lifecycle we are here to help, from initial concept through to product evaluation and production quality control.

Spending the majority of our time in Beijing local time we maximise communication between you and the factory whilst also being available during office hours globally.

With fluent Chinese and english speakers in the office we ensure nothing gets lost in translation!

We can even help you through product launch with supplying marketing materials, user instructions & photo realistic renders of your product even before the tooling is completed and your product goes into production.

Why Choose Squiggle Farm?

We love design

Our designers have over 15 years of experience in product design, development and manufacture. Across consumer, IT, leisure, marketing and medical sectors.

We are flexible

We will work with you, making your ideas a reality, from product testing and design revisions to factory liaisons we strive to make your idea the best it can be.

We are fresh

We have been using Solidworks industry leading CAD software for over 10 years, and Adobe creative suite for over 15. We pride ourselves being fully up-to date and trained in the latest software developments.

We do support

We understand that a project is not finished when a design is handed over. We can offer full life time support including engineering changes and product refreshments. We can also offer onsite supplier liaisons.

We Know ISO

We have many years of working to ISO 9001. Although as a creative agency we prefer to have freedom of movement we can work within your ISO criteria.


We are a UK company with one foot in the UK the other in China. With lots of experience in Western markets and Eastern manufacture.

We Are collaborative

If your design team is pushed to breaking point, we can help take the load. We are more than happy to help out with any stage of the design process and work with your design team.

We are freindly

Never ventured into building your own product before, or seasoned professional? No matter the size of the project or problem we can help.

We research

'Be prepared' the Boy Scout motto - We understand that you get out what you put in which is why we like to fully understand a project's parameters before starting out.

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